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With One Word I'd Take This Pain From You

...But I Fall Mute.

13 July 1990
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Personal Stuff
Rosa M. Adams. 22

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Fandom Stuff

Harry Potter Pre-Epilogue, I shipped Harry/Draco, Lucius/Narcissa, and Bellatrix/Lucius.

Epilogue compliant, I sail on the great ship ALBUS SEVERUS/ SCORPIUS. I love this pairing more than should be healthy.

Figure Skating I'm new to this fandom, but I'm falling in love with Stephane Lambiel and Johnny Weir fic. Stephane's so precious, and his spins are soooo prettyyyy... I need them in my life. Plus, they cuddle! *melts*

Supernatural I'll read anything, but I ship Castiel/Dean and Sam/Gabriel. I also ship J2 like whoa, and think it's real life. Call me batshit, I don't care.

American Idol Season 8 KRADAM. Kris Allen/Adam Lambert. It's real life, y'all.

AFI This was my first pairing, my OTP to end all OTP's. Javey. Jade Puget/Davey Havok. Everything I know about fandom goes back to these two. I love them.

Star Trek It's gotta be Kirk/Spock, T'hy'la.

Other ships Sandboxes I play in:
Power Rangers Ninja Storm: Hunter/Cam.

The Convenant: Tyler/Reid.

Batman: Batman/Robin I, Dick Grayson, in all forms, but I'm partial to Batman/Nightwing.

Queer as Folk: Brian/Justin and Drew/Emmett

iCarly: Older!Freddie/Spencer

Avenged Sevenfold: Zack/Brian or Zacky/Synyster

Disney: Demi Lovato/Selena Gomez

Sky High: Will/Warren

Glee: Kurt/Happiness, usually manifesting in BLAINE/KURT

Shelter: Zach/Saun

Inception: Eames/Arthur

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